1.5in. 2ba White Target PRO GRIP SPIN Dart Shafts

  • 1.5in. White Pro Grip Spin Nylon Dart Shafts
  • Measured End to End
  • 2ba thread
  • 1 set of 3



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Incorporating all the elements of the best-selling Target Pro Grip shaft, the Pro Grip Spin is a polycarbonate spinning shaft that features Hydrogel technology to produce a smooth, consistent movement between the elements.

Reduce deflections without the rattle, with Target Pro Grip spin.

Available lengths and weights:

Medium - 47mm - 1.2gm. (Threads not included)

In-Between - 40mm - .9gm. (Threads not included)

Short - 33mm - .8gm. (Threads not included)

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