Dart Flights

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We carry over 800 uniquely styled, shaped and cut dart flights. Whether you're just getting started, gearing up for league night or straight up hustling your friends, we have flights for everyone.


  • Standard Flights

    With over 500 different Standard Cut dart flights, we have a little something for everyone. The Standard Cut is the most popular due the fact that it fits most throwing styles. 

  • Standard Dimplex Flights

    We have over 70 different Standard Cut Dimplex Flights. Think golf ball technology with these flights. Perfect for an aerodynamic flight path. 

  • Ribtex Flights

    Ribbed for everyones pleasure. These flights are designed exactly as they are titled. 

  • Slim Flights

    The preferred flight by most of our soft tip darters, these flights are perfect for those with a sledge hammer release. 

  • Slim Dimplex Flights

    The Slim Dimplex Dart Flight combines the aerodynamic ability of of Dimplex technology, while yielding to the power of a heavy release, just like the Slim Cut flights do.

  • Fantail Flights

    With a tad bit more surface area on the back end than the slim cut dart flights, these Fantail flights are a nice hybrid. 

  • Ripstop Nylon Flights

    These babies deserve the name. Ripstop flights are made with a fabric, unlike the majority of other flights on the market. Thicker, tougher and reliable, these flights take a licking while you keep on kicking your opponents to the curb. 

  • Ripstop Slim Nylon Flights

    Just like their big brother, these flights are thicker and tougher than most hard poly flights. The slim cut is the preferred choice by most soft tip darters and those with a heavy release. 

  • Delta Flights

    These flights have a wide wing span on the back end, but go ahead and be victorious head first.

  • Teardrop Flights

    Teardrop or Pear shaped flights have a very limited amount of surface area, which fits nicely for those with a heavy and rythmic release. These are especially nice if you find yourself getting tight groups while attacking the dartboard. 

  • Combat Flights

    With a little less surface area than it's cousin, the Fantail flight. Combat flights are great for soft tip and steel tip darters. 

  • Kite Flights

    Kite Flights have very little surface area. In fact, it has less than Slim flights, Combat flights and Fantail flights. Have a heavy release or a lighter dart to work your magic with these beauties. 

  • V-Wing Flights

    V-Wing flights are a very uniquely cut flight. They gradually flare out towards the back end of the flight, allowing for a little more drag.  

  • Vortex Flights

    Great for lightly weighted darts and heavy throwers. The Vortex flight can have heavy and positive effects for both soft and steel tip darters. 

  • Arrowhead Flights

    Aptly named, Arrowhead flights are a specific WINMAU product, offering low drag while getting right to the point. 

  • Skull Shape Flights

    Just as the name implies, these flights are cut just like a skull. Which is very close to the dimentions of the Slim Flights. 

  • Tomahawk Flights

    Go on the warpath and attack the board with these WINMAU Tomahawk flights. They have a much wider wingspan than most other flights, keeping the dart aloft, flying straighter and longer. 

  • Tomahawk Slim Flights

    Slim Tomahawk flights are a perfect answer for someone with a heavy release, looking to thrash their opponent. Like it's big brother, the slim Tomahawk flights have a unique cut, allowing it to cut through the air and wreak havoc. 

  • Dimplex Teardrop Flights

    Using the same dimplex technology as the Standard Dimplex Flights, the Teardrop Shape allows darters with a heavy release to cut through the air and get right to the dartboard.


    These flights are the thickest made. At 150 microns, these flights are tough and rugged.

  • Ripstop Teardrop Nylon Flights

    Ripstop flights are made of fabric not plastic. They hold up well under constant tight groupings.

  • Ripstop Kite Nylon Flights

    Nylon flights are made of a fabric instead of a plastic. Nylon flights don't rip.

  • Mini Vortex